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Wahoooo that is freaky...I update every 13th of the month. Gahahaha XD.Anywho...
Visit my link page because I have affiliated and linked exchanged with a lot of awesome people. They have also linked me back! Yay my site is growing! My picture page has extra pictures added so go check them out. And the first chapter of the story is in the making! I am also almost done with Omega Peccatrix's SUPER LONG BIOGRAPHY!!! Thank you so much to Moonlightaura from the Tower of Time Fourms for making it. I will also be linking her as well for the credit.
Thank you again for all the help! I am still accepting link exchanges, affiliates, and sisters always wanted. ^-^
Woot! I finally got the story up...Well the prologue, some more links need to be added and I have alot of the sprite's up. Thank you to all who let me use them (All on my credit page.) I hope to put up more pictures, got some for the Deep Underworld senshi. Thank you to all who helped me ^-^
Phew! I uploaded some more pictures, (sorry that they are so grainy!) added a butt load more of credits and added a character list ^^. A huge load of thanks to Meshia for all of her help. And everyone else upon my credits page. My life is a little hectic right now, sorry that I have not updated. (Gahahha! I don't think anyone vists this site much to care ^-~). Meh, its a way for organization, also biographies will come shortly (I am doing a huge one on Sailor Omega Peccatrix). Also expect changes in her story, I finally figured one out that actually makes sense! It also derives from our fear of 2012 (that is when my story is set). That I need to get up too..But I am doing pictures with it hehehe (yay! I love picture stories ^^). Accepting link exchanges, I feel terrible of like pushing sister sites when its really about getting to know someone. Thankfully I haven't asked anyone yet..Exception of putting it out on my DA like an ass ^^;. Anywho! That is all ^^
03/30/09 Hey there everyone! I am still working on the site and I will try to get more up soon. It takes me a little while ^^;, also I plan to ask for sister sites. But I may hold out on that too XXD. What I will currently be working on:
1.) Transparent background for my sprite. 2.) Contact page. 3.) Bio's for all my senshi. 4.) Putting up Pictures. There is more but if I put to much on my plate then I will just be all over the place. I will put up more updates and make a site button hopefully. ^^ Thank you to all the tuts and people whom have helped me ^-^.