Author's notes!: There will be two different languages going on. However, I am only using phrases for example 'Hello' 'How are you' 'Good bye' so on and so forth. Down at the bottom I will put what they mean if you are not familiar with French or Latin.

In the up coming chapters their will be more disturbing imagery, and other material not suitable for children under seventeen. If you rather your mind not rot then please do not read! Their will also be politcial issues, disease, corruption all of it in this here little story.

I will put up a warning in each chapter so do not fret. If you do not understand something or this story just plain stinks to you then please critique (nicely). I won't bite...I promise.

You have been warned : The demons will speak in a lyrical Old English (mostly Shakespearn) language, later on chapters some of it will be in Latin. Also there is major violence in this chapter.


Ӝ Pandemonium Ӝ

“deficit omne quod nasciture”

“Everything that is born passes away…”

Black liquid littered Hell’s icy floor of the ninth circle. Breathing heavily, his eyes widened when a sword sliced through his crimson flesh.

Baal, the once commander of the sixty-six legions of Hell, is now bound to glacier formation. Sores open all over his body from the wounds created by his soldiers. Their leering eyes…Staring at him with the utter malice.

“Ye defy thee orders with thoust pestilence of lust…For thoust shall be entombed into stone…And only awaken by a virgin…”

Another stab awoke the demon general from his stupor. How discomforting it is to know that all of his own warriors are now against him.

Darkness covered the evil whose torso is trapped beneath ice. Only six red eyes gleam through the haze, staring down at the filth that dare touch his wife. Moving a finger he ordered for Sailor Satan to finish her job.

With swift movements, a dagger was stabbed into his iris. Slicing muscles that cease to exist after the senshi of wrath turned the piece of metal slowly. Holding in a scream, black blood trailed down his lips as his teeth sunk into the tough skin.

“Enough! Thou eye for thee treachery.”

An enormous claw grasped a hold of the demon general. Struggling beneath the tough exterior that squeezed the life out of his wheezing frame.

“Thy hopes thou will rot…”


Before the large hands could terminate his once commander. A woman dressed in a loose grey dress ran towards the darkness. Both hands clasped in chains, her eyes pleading the monster that is known as her husband.

“Please dearest…Let him go…”

Dropping to her knees, her thorn crown digging into her head as she proceeded to push her head against the ice.

The red eyes narrowed, leering at the lecherous woman who slept with the pitiful creature in his hand.

“As thou wish…”

A piercing roar enveloped Hell shaking its towering structures.

“Collect the sinful souls of humans..Give them to thee…Then thou may be welcomed back to the gates of Hell…Heed thee warning…Betray thee…Thou shall be locked in darkness for all eternity…”

Darkness shrouded Baal, claws raked through his skin. Tearing his flesh from the bones..His screaming became louder with each claw digging into his muscular frame.

Paris, France June 23, 2011

Gasping to breathe…Her heart thumped rapidly from the pain shooting up into her chest. It was only a dream…Hell is not real….Hell is not real….

Nevertheless, it seemed so…

“Bonjour Sister Belle…Comment allez-vous?”

Rubbing her red-rimmed eyes, the light blonde headed novice stared at the lithe form of her mother in the hospital bed.

Groggily she replied to the nurse “Très mal Madame Trina…”

Checking Désiré’s vitals, the nurse glanced back over at the young novice smiling ruefully. “I’m sorry Sister….Once we have your mother in extensive care, everything will be alright…I assure you this will not happen again. Au revoir Sister Belle”

“Au revoir Madame Trina…”

Jezebel placed her fatigue hands in her lap that cradled a rosary. Tears leapt upon the beaded wood as her hands trembled from the exhaustion that lay upon her shoulders.

“She said that the last time…” she muttered to herself, taking in a sharp intake of breath she stood up slowly. Staring at her mother’s form that twitched from the new blood pumping into her system.

“When will it end God?”

Taking in another sharp breath, she stared at the large bump protruding from underneath her clothing. Gauze could not heal that broken heart…Neither could a knife.

Glancing up at the clock languidly, thankfully it was six A.M. She could still make it in time for mass. Straightening out her black robes she gather’s herself to face another day of trying to forget what happened.

Another scream erupted from the room next door. They were giving medicine to Monsieur Drake who used to be a priest at the Notre Dame. However his sightings of ‘demons’ have landed him here in the hospital…Also known as the Asylum.

How she hated that word, she wished they would call it a ‘Home’ or something rather. It is quite degrading, they were not crazy, at least to her they were not. They were just helpless people who are not well in the head.

Bowing her head towards the doctors and nurses. Jezebel sped through the glass doors; thankfully the sun is still waking up. Pulling a dove white veil over her face. The novice walked close to the shade so as not to end up with blistering burns upon her face and hands again.

Sweat dribbled down her forehead as she stared down at the ground. Her mind drifting back to her mother…She knew that God would be unhappy with her for wishing that her mother would just die.

Shaking away the terrible thought, she gripped her rosary tighter muttering the ‘Hail Mary’s’ under her breath.

The something shiny…Caught her eye.

“Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça?” lifting a brow, she glanced around at the people walking by without a care. Picking up the round coarse object gingerly. Staring at a strange symbol burned onto the stone’s outer surface.

“Pardon! Is this someone’s rock?” her soft voice asked when a couple of people stared at her baffled then went on their way.

Glancing at the small stone in her hand, its rough exterior intrigued her. Maybe it was just a rock? Oh no, maybe she too was going insane.

Tucking the rock into her robe pocket, she prayed that God would forgive her for stealing this precious gem. It just seemed like the right thing to do…And maybe nobody wanted it.

Ringing bells captured her attention as she hurried towards the church. Hoping that Mother Superior would not scold her for being late.

Ω Know some French:
*Bonjour: Good Day
*Comment allez-vous: How are you?
*Très mal: Very Bad
*Au revoir: Good Bye
*Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça?: What is this?
*Pardon!: Excuse me!
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