This is Sailor Omega Peccatrix's long biography. Made by the awesome Moonlightaura also thank you to Sanctum for the reference of Henshin Changes to the physique. (I added it in, where I got it from was Syrin I hope that is okay.) I decided to do this as a challange and after the long wait here it is!! WOOT! XD(Click on each word with a dot!)
  • ::The Person::

  • ::Likes and Dislikes::

  • ::Physical Stats::

  • ::Mental State::

  • ::Common Attire (Civilian)::

  • ::Personality::

  • ::Family::

  • ::Senshi Stats/Personality::

  • ::Senshi Fuku::

  • ::Senshi Powers::

  • ::History/Past::

  • ::History/Present::

  • ::Mission/Other People::
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