All of this art belongs to me unless otherwise stated. I will also post pictures of other original Otaku senshi with Omega or any other character here and I will put a link underneath that picture to their site. Thank you! (If you would like me to draw your otaku senshi please ask away ^^.) Click the titles at the bottom to see the pictures ^^ It will take a while to load though. Please do not steal! I drew all of these images(except for the ones done by others in the 'Fan Art For Me' section). Down below the respective artists are labeled on each picture of their own senshi that I drew. Added pictures to 'What I have done' List.

Pseudomonafchia Hierarchy
Sailor Mammon Sailor Asmodeus Sailor Satan Sailor Beelzebub Sailor Leviathan Sailor Belphegor
Pandemonium: Sailor Omega/Alpha Peccatrix
Sailor Omega Peccatrix, Jezebel (Nun), Baal (Demon), Sadistic Omega(Top)
The Undertakers
Prince Moloch Sailor Belial Sailor Olivier Sailor Vassago Sailor Gresil Sailor Sonnillon
The Five Misfits
Coming Soon

Fanart for Others
For Sakky

For Meshia

For Tachine

For: Sakura-Chirari

For: Phoenix-Saturn

For: Venus

For: Pysi

For: Maxi


Fanart for Me (too sweet X3)
By Mikki (Do not steal!)
Sailor Leviathan by Mikki
Sailor Satan by Natsumi