So you want to know about the demons eh? Well here is some random and nifty information I have found on them. Note you can e-mail me if you have a question.

1.) What are demons? From any dictionary, site, encylopedia I have gone through. A demon is a supernatural being that is supposedly evil. However, in some cultures demons are celebrated for luck and fortune. We tend to over look details like this, for we see demons as red creepy like creatures with tails and horns. We decided to recreate the demonic form into this strange being when actually demons in folklore looked just like you and me; human.

2.) Do they exist? Yes and no, the crazy little red tailed demon is not running around poking us with his pitch fork. However, we do have inner demons. It comes about whenever you feel hurt, alone, or any depressing emotion. Gnawing at us if we did something wrong, it seems that this demon strikes a chord whenever we feel empty. We also use the term 'inner demons' alot now a days as saying that we have inner torment in our lives. Now these demons are not exactly real its just a metaphor.

3.)Do demons actually speak Latin? No, of course not. I know that a man named Johann Weyer used Latin in his Grimorie to create the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum "Hierarchy of Demons". In which case is written in Latin. (Its where I got half of my information from.)

4.) Where did they all come from? Hell....Well to my discovery some were actually human before hand before they were casted down into the depths. Also Lucifer (King Lucifor in my story) was actually an angel once before his pride got the best of him and he was thrown into Hell. I would say others ended up like him.

5.) How are the demons connected with the seven deadly sins? I will do it in a chart like matter: King Lucifor(Lucifer) and Queen Prosperine: Pride, because they both were casted out of heaven. However in literature Prosperine has no sin, nor is she a big role. But like Adam and Eve, I decided that both of them were in heaven at the same time before Spirit(God) sent them back into the depths of Hell.
Salor Mammon: Avarice (Greed)
Sailor Asmodeus: Lust
Sailor Satan: (Not to be confused with Lucifor in my story, they are two seperate entities) Wrath
Sailor Beelzebub: Gluttony
Sailor Leviathan: Envy
Sailor Belphegor: Sloth

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