The year 2012, our nation is in an uproar about the new Apocalypse. People are saying ‘The End Is Near’. Crime has gone up, suicide levels are on the rise, disease is spreading…The Spirit is on a rampage...

Who will be dragged down to Hell and who will fly to Heaven?

Only they have the answers…

Only the demonic hierarchy can decide the Spirit can only judge.

Demon warriors walk aimlessly amongst us sense the beginning of time. Blending into our culture while appearing to be like normal human beings.

If only you knew…

They each carry a pendent; whenever a human disobeys the laws of heaven, they have the ability to suck that person’s soul away. However they are limited, on to whom they may take…

Nobody has actually seen an exorcism of the human soul happen. Only stories from old books along side from the mouths of people who said ‘they’ have actually felt their soul taken.

Who knows…What we do know is that we must stay alert.

For the coming of the Apocalypse is close…And The Spirit can only take those whose souls are pure.

Ù Heed All Ye Who Enter Ù
-Disturbing Scenes
-Religious Subjects
-Some Political Subjects
-Modern Twists on Hell and Heaven
-Sex(Non-consensual and consensual)
-Drug use
-Transexuality (Transvestite)
-And anything that makes you feel uncomfortable..You have been Warned..

Ω Read On At Your Own Risk Ω