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Well....I am in college....XD
Name: Kc (Ladyred)
Age: Twenty
Why Create Such Senshi?: I have always been intrested in demons...They fascinate me, also angels as well. This so called 'apocolpyse' that people talk about that is coming in 2012 had always had me thinking...What would happen if God(instead of destroying the whole Earth) (Yes I believe in the spirit (Him her)got rid of everyone's sin by using warriors? And also that Lucifer (Lucifor in my story) uses warriors as well? I wanted to focus only on the demonic half, to me they are more interesting X3.

About my Sister Sites: (Thank you!!! They are the greatest!)
Meshia of Shangri-La: Who is an amazing artist and I am in love with her senshi. They are the most interesting I have ever seen. I love a good ol' twisted Sailor Moon Fiction..If it is all gum drops and faries then its no fun.
Melissa owner of the Shards of the Phaethon: Her sprites are the cutest! I espcially love her Omakes! I need to get to know her more I feel bad that I am whoring my site around. She just has such awesome senshi!
Katrina's Zodiac Senshi: Unique and fun, these girls have the power of their zodiac sign. What I like the most is that their personailties are not always going along with their sign. (Randomness I know, I am weird like that.) I am still reading through it. (Takes time for me.) And I think it is quite interesting.
Anya's Sailor Nessus: I am always up for something intrigueing, and I love Anya's story of Sailor Nessus. It has interesting twists and it is not all around 'sweet cakes and cherries'. Its great development on a character, she put alot of work into making the Nessus universe. Please go check out her site
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