Here is a bit of the soundtrack to my story 'Pandemonium' the birth of the Apoclypse. Warning, listen at your own mental risk...These songs are dark and some are very suggestive. If you are offended steer away from this page...Just hit the back button like a good little angel. X3. Otherwise enjoy! They are linked to youtube...To me its faster and easier.(Sorry! I know there is a crap load of Evanescence, but her music fits the story so well.)
If you see the astrick *..It means that the song is mature...(or the video for that matter).

*Main Theme: Celldweller, Frozen
Sister Jezebel Lilith's Theme: Theme from the Anime Berserk
Gabrial Seraph's Theme: Incubus, Pardon Me
Sailor Omega Peccatrix's Transformation Theme: Evanescence, Sweet Sacrifice
Sailor Omega Peccatrix's Theme: Evanescence, Haunted
Sailor Alpha Peccatrix's Transformation Theme: Evanescence, Imaginary (Origin)
Sailor Alpha Peccatrix's Theme: Evanescence, Before the Dawn
King Lucifor's Theme: Celldweller, Switchback
Queen Prosperine's Theme: Lacuna Coil, Lost Lullaby
*Sailor Mammon's Theme: Shinedown, Sound of Madness
*Sailor Asmodeous Theme: Nine Inch Nails, Closer
Sailor Satan's Theme: Kittie, What I always Wanted
Sailor Beelzebub's Theme: Flyleaf, I'm So Sick
Sailor Leviathan's Theme: Lacuna Coil, Heaven's A Lie
Sailor Belphegor's Theme: Mechanical Lullaby, from Coraline
Hell Theme: Waltz in the Fourth Dimension, from Donnie Darko
Battle Theme: Sirenia, The Path to Decay
Baal and Jezebel's love Theme: Lacuna Coil, Entwined